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FAQs About Gas Fires

Here are some commonly asked questions about Gas Fires. For more detailed buying guides and general FAQs please visit our Blog.

FAQs & Guides
  • What are the running costs of the Ambience Stove?

    On high the Ambience uses less than four (4) pence worth of gas per hour. In practice, because the Ambience is also fitted with a thermostat, it will automatically turn down when your room reaches the desired temperature, therefore using less gas.

  • Does the Ambience only give radiant heat from the flames?

    No, the solid cast stove also radiates heat and, in addition, heated air is discharged through the air outlet grille.

  • Does the room require an air vent?

    Yes, if you do not already have one fitted it will be a quick job for your installer to fit a passive air vent when he fits the fire.

  • What if I want to use the Ambience Stove in another room?

    Simple, just get a qualified installer to remove it and refit it. You can even take it with you when you move house.

  • Is there a minimum area in which the Ambience may be used?

    Yes, any room or area should be at least 40m3.