Made in Britain

When is ‘made in Britain’ not made in Britain?

All products have a commodity code and the country where the commodity code last changed is the country of origin. So if you bought a greenhouse, for example, this is entirely made from aluminium extrusions and glass, the glass could come from India and have a commodity code of X and the extrusions could come from China and have a commodity code of Y but when both the boxes are strapped together in the UK the greenhouse has a commodity code of Z and it can claim to be Made in Britain. Quite obviously none of it is made in Britain and you are not helping British manufacturing by buying it.

Burley 100% ‘Made in Britain’

Every Burley product is manufactured in our factory in Oakham, Rutland. We go to great lengths in ensuring that we buy locally, environmentally responsibly, and ethically.

Warts ‘n’ all. Where our components and services come from:

United Kingdom78.8%