At Burley, we care passionately about making the products that will benefit the customer and the environment by being as green as possible. For a small company we punch way above our weight, Burley makes:


We have a never-ending policy of assessment and implementation to reduce our impact on the environment. this includes generating our electricity with a 200kW array of PV panels on our own factory roof and 300kW on other buildings. Not only does this generate most of the total energy we use, but it also provides electricity for up to 170 houses at weekends.

Nearly all our heating in the factory is recirculated heat from fires and stoves which are being tested, the offices are heated by biomass.


We are always reducing our use of plastic. In the past two years, we have removed 100% of expanded foam and polystyrene and replaced it with cardboard. We have reduced our use of industrial shrink wrap film by 50%, and have almost entirely stopped our use of bubble wrap.