What does the thermostat do?

The first thing to understand is that the thermostat operates to control the temperature of the room.It will switch the heater on and off to maintain a constant room temperature.

Turning the thermostat to a high number does not increase the heat coming out of the heater. The output is constant at two kilowatts, but it will result in the heater running for a longer period, thus giving a higher temperature in the room.

How to set the thermostat.

(A) Switch on the fire.

(B) Turn the thermostat to number 10.

(C) When the room is at a level of warmth that you require, then turn the control knob back very slowly until you hear a click, and the heater stops.

(D) Leave the thermostat at that number. The heater will then switch on & off to maintain the temperature you selected. Please note that number 10 will not give more heat than number 2.