Wood Burning Stoves

Our Wood Burning Stoves – The Burley Fireball and Firecube ranges of wood-burning stoves are the result of thousands of hours of designing and prototyping, based on and inspired by over 100 years of experience in the heating industry.  Designed, developed and manufactured entirely in the UK, the Burley range boasts advances which result in unsurpassed fuel efficiency and clean burning.  This is made possible by the patented Fireball method of introducing air.  This creates a stove so advanced that Burley is the only company that can guarantee that their wood burners will deliver more warmth and use less fuel than any comparable stove you may currently have. All our stoves exceed Eco Design 2022 & clearSkies standards and are either Ecoexcel or Ecoelite approved.

Indoor air quality Myths & Burley Wood Burning Stoves.
If you are worried by recent reports in the press then you need to read this study! Click for more.
If you read nothing else, please read this 5-minute guide before using your new Burley stove.

Burley FireballHH Awards 2015 Winner logo“The most efficient wood burning stove in the world”

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 “I’ve been working with wood burners for 24 years and I’ve never seen a flame picture good as this.”

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